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Psychologist - Coach - Therapist

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In 2001 I obtained my Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology, from Lausanne University. The following years I trained in psychological debriefing and Voice Dialogue.


In 2009 I graduated as an NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching Practitioner from the Phil Parker Training Institute, in London. Fascinated by the outstanding results Phil Parker was getting with Fibromyalgia and M.E. I went on to graduate as a Lightning Process Practitioner a year later. 


However along my path I was left with this nagging feeling that something was missing. Being very analytical, I personnally often found my own growth and development blocked by my mind and ego. I started working with an energy therapist and teacher, and it quite literally "blew my mind!" ;) I was able to reach a new level of depth and emotional understanding in resolving issues that I hadn't achieved before. Experiencing first-hand how powerfully transformative those energy techniques are, I have since then trained extensively in psycho-emotional-energetical and shamanic techniques to complement the more "classical" tools.

Today my work draws upon three major influences:

Firstly, the deeply innovative and powerful work created by Clinton Callahan which enables profound connection and understanding of ones emotions and how to harness them in making us whole once more. This work opens new possibilities and resources in us. It is truly transformative.

Another major influence in my practice comes from the numerous teachings and powerful shamanic and energetic healing techniques I acquired from Homaya Amar, Master Teacher and Spiritual Guide stemming from the Curanderos (Master healers) lineage of Mexico. I am fully initiated in this lineage and today, my partner and I organise Homaya's teachings and initiations in Switzerland.

Last but not least, David Deida's teachings have personally bought me immense clarity in the realms of relationship dynamics, as well as offering the full potential of one's masculine or feminine essence. Finding it's roots in tantra, the notion of masculine & feminine energies and polarity as well as it's impact and play in our relationship to self and others has had a profound impact on me in all aspects of life be it health, work, intimate relationships, parenting to how I offer myself to the world. This sensation of "coming home" gradually and naturally bought me to work with women more and more.


Through my yearning to live my life more fully, I have personally experienced and used all of the tools, healings and practices I share in sessions, programs and workshops. My approach in supporting you working on your issues will draw from this range of techniques, tailored to your individual needs.

I also work with my partner, Sébastien Tubau. Together we support couples who wish to deepen and grow their relationship. We often facilitate workshops together on the subject of intimacy and attraction and are co-authors. (


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